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Growing up in a large family, I learned a lot about the differences in relationship dynamics and how people interact. A lot of that knowledge helped me tremendously as I transitioned into college and romantic relationships of my adulthood. I decided to maximize my understanding of relationship dynamics by studying everything I could find on communication and human interaction. That's when I thought I should create this site. I hope that the information I've learned over the years helps you to not only better understand the people in your life, but also to better understand yourself. With that understanding, you may even be able to improve your relationships.


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Four Signs You Are Raising An ADHD Child

ADHD is difficult to spot in kids because, hey, they are already high-energy individuals. However, if you've spent any time with a kid that is definitely ADHD, you can tell the difference. For starters, you know that your own child is ADHD when he or she exhibits the following behaviors:

Your Child Never Sleeps More Than Four to Six Hours

Children should be getting a lot of sleep. Their growing bodies need the rest, and they should be taking the time given at night to sleep. A child who has a bedtime routine and has no access to electronics in bed, but still only sleeps four to six hours at a time, probably has ADHD.

ADHD in children generally means that the child sleeps very little, no matter how tired they seem to be. They consistently get up in the wee hours of the night and get into mischief, rather than sleep. Worse still, they never take naps. You may or may not find them sleeping in their beds (or somewhere else in the house!) in the morning, but as far as a solid, eight-hour block of sleep, forget it; it does not happen with these kiddos.

Your Child Can Be Distracted and Far Too Easily Redirected

It is the "Oh, look! There's a chicken!" syndrome. One minute your child is talking about school, and a split second later, he/she is noticing something or talking about something else that has no connection to what you were just talking about. The child with ADHD is like this all the time. It does not just happen here or there; the child is constantly shifting topics, ideas, and directions, both in conversation and thought.

Your Child Needs One-on-One Attention from His/Her Teacher

While the rest of your child's classmates are focused on what they are learning, your child is either wandering the room doing his/her own thing, or is constantly talking and interrupting. He/she never shuts down, and his/her teacher constantly needs to redirect. At some point, a teacher's aid has to intervene just so class can continue and someone is monitoring your child's behavior and keeping them on task.

Your Child Can Eat Tons of Sugar and It Does Not Tire Him/Her Out

Kids on ADHD love sugar. In fact, where their peers are likely to feel sick and tired after eating a large amount of sweets, your kid is still in rocket mode, zooming the room. Sugar is his/her rocket fuel.