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Relationships 101: Understanding The Human Condition

Growing up in a large family, I learned a lot about the differences in relationship dynamics and how people interact. A lot of that knowledge helped me tremendously as I transitioned into college and romantic relationships of my adulthood. I decided to maximize my understanding of relationship dynamics by studying everything I could find on communication and human interaction. That's when I thought I should create this site. I hope that the information I've learned over the years helps you to not only better understand the people in your life, but also to better understand yourself. With that understanding, you may even be able to improve your relationships.


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Tips For Dealing With Your Up And Coming Adoption

If you are going to be giving birth to a child that you have decided to adopt out, you want to do what you can to prepare yourself for the actual occurrence as much as possible. No matter how much you know you are doing the right thing for yourself and your child, there will more than likely be some very strong emotions, stress and even doubts. Here are some of the things you should do in order to make sure you are approaching the up and coming adoption in a way that will be the best way possible for your state of being:

Don't look at the ultrasounds

One thing you may want to do that can help you to keep yourself distant along the way, so you don't become too attached for your own good is to not look at the ultrasounds when you are having them done. While the adoptive parents may come, or they may request printouts from the ultrasounds, you should do your best to not watch them. Seeing the ultrasounds along the way can cause you to feel more attached to the baby which will make the adoption harder on you.

Don't think of names

Naming something tends to be a lot of fun, whether it be a car, a pet or a baby. This is why it will seem so natural to think of what you would name the baby if you were going to be keeping it. This is a very bad idea though, it will more than likely cause you to feel even more attached to the baby and can them lead to daydreams of what life would be like with the baby.

Think hard about whether you want an open or closed adoption

One of the most important decisions you will make regarding the adoption of your child is whether or not you want an open or closed adoption. In an open adoption, you will have limited contact with the parents and possibly the child. You may get pictures and updates throughout their childhood and have the ability to speak with the parents or even them. With a closed adoption, you will know nothing about the child. You will have no contact information and receive no updates. Each parent adopting out their child will need to come to their own conclusion on which type of adoption they want to go with when it comes to their situation.

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